Sunday, October 2, 2022: Premiere “Women of Aeronautics”

This program is designed around the world premiere of a multi-media work by Vermont composer Danielle O’Hallisey. 

TURNmusic premieres music by Vermont composer Danielle O’Hallisey. Danielle has undertaken the collection of historic clips with an eye to creating new work for our ensemble, merging interviews, speeches and intercepted audio in a multimedia composition and recording.

The piece will be an homage both to individual pioneers and to women who have expanded humanity’s reach into space–an invitation for listeners to learn about, love and grieve these aviatrixes and scientists of the Twentieth Century.

“Women of Aeronautics” – Danielle O’Hallisey
“G-Force” – Paola Prestini
“the dappled light just beyond her skin…” – Jessica Meyer (U.S. Premiere)