Get tickets to our February 8th show at Flynn Theater.

In February, TURNmusic’s line up of composers are inspired by funk, collaboration, compassion, and revolution. Violinist-Composer-Activist Daniel Bernard Roumain performs with TURNmusic on his Voodoo Violin Concerto. DBR is the first Community Artist-in- Residence for the Flynn Center, Vermont Symphony, and University of Vermont’s Lane Series. We are thrilled that he makes a stop on our TURNmusic shows in Waterbury at ZenBarn and in Burlington at FlynnSpace. (Yes, thanks to our friends at ZenBarn for hosting us for our February 7 show!)

Don’t miss music by story-teller/composer Valerie Coleman. We play a selection from her American Blueprint series titled Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Native American and African cultures join to honor the legacy of the Freedmen, former African slaves adopted into tribal membership through emancipation or marriage. They were later cast out of the government’s National Registry of those tribes that would have entitled them to land and other benefits. Still, they fight for their rights even today. The history of what the early US colonial Government labeled as the “Five Civilized Tribes” (the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole and Choctaw nations) and their relationship with the Freedmen resonates within me as it is a true merging of cultures, sometimes clashing with aggression, but more than often melding into a soulful exchange.

— Valerie Coleman, story-teller/composer

Also, funky chamber music?  Yes. TURNmusic plays Trevor Weston’s Dig It 

Growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey, I immediately thought of the most important dance music of my youth: funk music. The famous group, Parliament Funkadelic is from Plainfield, and I remember dancing to their music and Kool and the Gang, also from New Jersey and the Jimmy Castor Bunch. My piece, Dig It, is a contemporary concert piece created with the sensibilities of funk music.

— Trevor Weston, composer

Breaking News: TURNMusic introduces The Late Set, an aprés concert happening that reaches into Vermont’s rich creative community. Jaguar Stereo! (Toussaint St. Negritude and Gahlord Dewald) will be our first The Late Set event directly following the TURNmusic shows. We hope you’ll stay to hear the poetry and improvisations of Jaguar Stereo!.

Get tickets to our February 8th show at Flynn Theater.